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Participation of children

What do children think? What do they want? War Child stimulates children and young people to express their views. We also encourage the adults around them, including ourselves, to take those views seriously. We enable children to actively take part in our work, as well as in decision-making in their families, schools, communities and government structures. This way, they can influence decision-making and realise changes in their lives. In 2012 more than 347.000 children actively took part in War Child’s programmes in 11 (post) conflict-affected areas worldwide.

Change through participation of children

War Child strongly believes that the participation of children and young people is crucial in achieving lasting change. They are the experts on their own lives, and have a role to play in bringing about the change they want to see. By involving them and taking them seriously, we empower them to unleash their inner strength and make a positive contribution to rebuilding their communities.

Children are War Child’s main target group. We make every effort to take their views into account, and the War Child Annual Report 2012 is no exception. Examples of child participation are highlighted throughout the annual report in the side bar. Because our responsibility is, first and foremost, to children.

Change through participation of our Friends

War Child’s programmes are realised thanks to the great contribution, commitment and efforts of the people who support us: individuals, schools, clubs, organisations, companies, foundations, governments and institutional donors. Every year we take another step in improving our communication with our constituency.

This year we are proud to show the results of our work and the areas for improvement through an innovative online annual report. Thanks to our partner F19, we were able to realise this website free of charge. Through this website people interested in our work can scroll through a one-page overview of results, key figures, highlights and learning; transparent and accessible through info graphics, slideshows, images and films. An integrated social media approach makes it possible to follow and participate in discussions on the results. What do you think? Let us know!



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