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Third parties and government grants

 Income from governments and institutions was on track in relation to the ambitions outlined in the Strategy 2015. The percentage of the target set for new contracts in 2012 was reached by 88% despite limited human resources.

Proposals 2012

Third parties and government grants contributed € 10,266,099 to War Child’s overall income, a growth of 42% from 2011 (€ 7,211,871). This was the result of active engagement with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, delegations of the European Union and a number of United Nations agencies. A total of 28 project proposals were submitted to 19 institutional donors, while another 8 were still pending approval from 2011.

The success rate for proposals (number of approved compared to the number of rejected submissions in 2012) is above the target of 50%. Excluding the contracts signed with foundations, 14 grant contracts were signed for the coming years for a total value of € 4,365,435. The number of sources of income from institutions has decreased to 16 different donors.

Key partners

Institutional funding is not only important for the income of War Child, institutional donors are also key partners in advocacy, innovation, and programme development, bringing in expertise and knowledge that complement War Child’s work.

Dutch Postcode Lottery

In 2012, the contribution of the Dutch Postcode Lottery was € 1,350,000. War Child and Right To Play joined hands and applied for an additional grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery. In the beginning of 2013 we were very proud and happy to receive notice that our additional proposal was also approved by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

“Over the year 2012, in addition to our structural donation, we granted War Child an extra project donation of € 1.8 million for the project ‘Safe play areas for children in the Palestinian territories’. In 2013, War Child and Right To Play will refurbish existing playgrounds and support the 30 local neighbourhood organisations that are undertaking the work. Three hundred young people will then be trained to serve as youth leaders in their communities. They will help 4,500 children through sports, games and social activities over the project’s three-year duration. Training women as youth leaders will make it easier for girls to participate. Besides engaging in sports and games, the children will be supervised in carrying out projects to benefit the neighbourhood, such as clean-ups and wall-painting. We are proud our extra donation will help enable War Child and Right To Play in creating safe sports grounds and play areas for Palestinian children.”

Judith Lingeman - Head of the Charity Department - Dutch Postcode Lottery

Implementation of the Conn@ct.Now programme, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFS II) began in 2011. A contribution of approximately € 4.2 million was received in 2012 while over € 5.3 million was spent on this programme in 2012. The balance will be received in subsequent years. The total funding granted is approximately € 21 million for the period of 2011-2015. The Conn@ct.Now programme combines the strength of War Child, Child Helpline International, Free Press Unlimited, TNO and T-Mobile to support children and young people in Burundi, Colombia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

Institutional Donor Number of Total contribution Benefiting War Child country
signed contracts
Common Humanitarian Fund3€ 685,715Sudan
European Commission4€ 2,720,378South Sudan, DR Congo, Uganda, Lebanon, Israel, occupied Palestinian territories
European Commission Humanitarian Office1€ 750,000DR Congo
Motorola Foundation1€ 8,358Afghanistan
Royal Netherlands Embassy1€ 32,849Sudan
UNICEF2€ 125,933Lebanon, South Sudan
Turing Foundation1€ 105,000DR Congo
War Child UK1€ 51,030Lebanon
Total14€ 4,479,263 

* The signed contracts do not reflect the income in 2012. Income might be spread over a longer period of time. Also income in 2012 can come from contracts signed before 2012.


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