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Report on situation in Syria – a war on childhoodAlmost all (95%) of our printed publications were developed and produced with full sponsorship. War Child uses storytelling in all our means and events to communicate the impact of war on children and War Child’s response to it. The participation of children and a creative approach are key to our work in the field as well as in our communication strategy.


  • did well in 2012. Fewer pages were needed to convert reader into donors.
  • doubled its traffic compared to 2011, which proves that this event is on the rise.
  • couldn’t repeat the success it enjoyed in 2011, but the site was used intensively by those who visited.
  • did well in January when the project was running. The rest of the year there was no traffic on this website.
  • ran until August 2012. After that, traffic was residual.

Report on situation in DR Congo - lost childhoodsOverall for all the websites, we lost 20% in unique visitors and page views in 2012. But conversions went up. So less people donated more. The loss in unique visitors and page views was due to two sites with incidental and uncanny success in 2011, and The ‘long run’ websites and realised expected growth.

The overall goal started in 2010 to double traffic, use and conversions within 5 years is still on track. We are up 30% overall on visitors and traffic. In 2013, and will be redesigned. It is to be expected that they will start growing in the 2013-2015 period.

Social media results are mentioned in Dialogue and involvement.

Websites Unique visitors Page views Planned vs. realised (UV)Target group 342038126964110%Constituency,those interested in War Child 34498131732-13%Children 7-12 years old, teachers 31699116151-31%International constituency, those interested in War Child
www.warchild.org136224297383-14%International constituency, those interested in War Child
www.annualreportwarchild.org59522706232%Constituency, official institutions, development cooperation sector, journalists, donors, partner organisations, embassies, those interested in War Child
www.warchildschoolmusical.nl2022866997-84%Children 7-12 years old, teachers
www.538voorwarchild.nl19020290850351%Constituency of Radio 538
www.poweroffriendship.warchild.nl1087523611-93%Constituency, those interested in War Child
www.ikvoorwarchild.nl1024733821-63%Constituency, those willing to organise an action for War Child

In 2012 we published our regular printed and online newsletters as planned. Other external publications were: a report on Syria (joint publication with War Child UK), a report on DR Congo and Willemijn Verloop’s public lecture at Tilburg University. She held the Max van der Stoel lecture on International Human Rights day with the title: ‘A blanket doesn’t cover the impact of war’, about the shortage of psychosocial support in emergency situations.

MeansFrequencyCirculationPlanned vs. realisedTarget group
Printed newsletter3February: 67,758 (Result mailing) June: 86666 (Summarized annual report) September: 84,334 (Peace of Paper) December: 82,545 (Gift mailing) Total reach: 321,303On targetConstituency: Friends, Donors, Companies, Media, relations and other NGOs
Digital newsletters and news flashes8505783On targetConstituency (see above)
Syria: a war on childhood41153Media attention in print: BN DESTEM, Brabants Dagblad, Friesch Dagblad, Het Parool, Leeuwarder Courant, Nederlands-Dagblad, Reformatorisch Dagblad. Total reach 1,415,000 Media attention on radio and television: Knevel en van den Brink, NOS 8 uur-Journaal, Nieuwsuur, Jeugdjournaal. Total reach 2,784,000As plannedAdvocacy target: governments and specialists. Media target: general Dutch and international public
DR Congo: lost childhood41214Online attention 4,304,000 viewers. Media attention in: + Reformatorisch Dagblad. Total reach 427,000Less national quality news papers / programmes than plannedAdvocacy target: governments and specialists. Media target: general Dutch and international public
Lecture: ‘A blanket doesn’t cover the impact of war.’41244 29 visitors Direct audience as planned, Specialists interested in psychosocial support and effects of armed conflict
  Direct audience: about 80 specialists on the topic Media attention in print Friesch Dagblad, Nederlands Dagblad, Reformatorisch Dagblad Total reach 278,000Media goal of at least one quality publication not reached 


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