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International communications

In order to manage War Child’s reputation internationally, there has been an increasing focus on international communications. Besides the release of a brand book, in 2012 a new corporate film about the work of War Child was delivered. The launch of a renewed corporate website on was slightly postponed to the beginning of 2013 due to capacity reasons.

New department

Brandbook of War ChildTo better serve our international stakeholders, Corporate Communications was separated from the Marketing and Fundraising department. It was integrated with Advocacy & Campaigning, thus creating a new department at head office at the end of 2012: Advocacy, Campaigning and Communications. The reason for the merge with advocacy is that War Child’s global advocacy will be more effective when supported by communications. And the start-up of campaigning will complement and enforce our global and national advocacy approaches. In 2013 War Child will further build its international positioning as an expert on children affected by armed conflict and continue strategically influencing stakeholders to improve the lives of children affected by war.

International stakeholders

International stakeholders include: children and young people, partner organisations, other NGOs, institutional donors and foundations, United Nations, national governments, international networks, platforms, knowledge institutions, volunteers, War Child staff.

Corporate StakeholdersInvolvementInfluence on War Child policyCommunication meansSatisfaction
Children, young people and adults in programme countriesParticipatory needs assessments, child rights analysisHighVery diverse: radio, TV, theatre, ICT, newsletters, direct contactEvaluations mostly are positive
Partner organisationsDirect contact MediumCorporate brochure, corporate film, annual report, corporate website to be developedEvaluations are generally very positive, for example in Sierra Leone
Institutional donors and foundationsSubmission of proposal, direct contact and networkingMediumProposals and reports, evaluations and impact studies, direct contactPositive, demonstrated by new funding agreements
United Nations Direct contact, networksMediumReports, direct contact, side eventsNot measured
1. UNICEF1. Preparation of OPAC alternative report for SL, NL    
2. Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary for Children2. direct contact   
3. Human Rights Council 3. submission of NGO coalition report on child rights   
National governments LowDirect contact, corporate brochure, annual reportNot measured
International networks, platforms, knowledge institutions MediumDirect contactNot measured
Other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Low Direct contactNot measured
Volunteers  MediumOnline platform for voluntary spokes peoplePoll. Other volunteers are very positive and enthusiastic in direct feedback
War Child staffShura, the employees councilHigh TAM TAM (weekly meeting with all head office staff) and Yammer (online platform for informal information sharing)Satisfaction of employees was measured in 2009 and will be measured again in either 2013 of 2014 depending on the sponsoring of an employee satisfaction survey. Internal communication not so good, capacity will be hired in 2013


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