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Plans and results for 2012

In 2012, the total number of actions organised by third parties was 1,046 while 750 were planned. Revenues generated from actions increased by 22.8% compared to 2011 to € 1,103,252. We notice that the amount raised by actions continues to escalate. We are very satisfied with this trend, especially taking the financial crisis in the Netherlands in account.

Gaul! Cycles to raise money for War Child‘538 for War Child’ was a success: the number of actions organised by third parties during the week was 261 against 175 in 2011, raising almost € 300.000. Another highlight was the Mont Ventoux Challenge 2012 organized by Gaul!, a Dutch cycling club with 350 members. Since 2007 they have supported War Child by organising individual and team actions, which have raised at least € 25,000 per year. The initiative to climb Mont Ventoux raised an amount of € 11, 000, almost twice the initial goal. Gaul! will continue this event in the coming years to raise more money for War Child. We are very proud to have them on board.

Voluntary spokespeople

War Child’s network of voluntary spokespeople expanded from 40 in 2011 to 65 in 2012. They are split up in different regions, which are headed by a volunteer regional coordinator. War Child is changing their mandate from a reactive to a pro-active approach, which is needed to raise more funds. In 2012 over 250 visits were made by our spokespeople, reaching over 10,000 people.

Kids and schools

Every year many children, teachers and schools support War Child. They organise fundraising actions, give lectures in the classroom or perform our War Child end-of-year school musical ‘Voor kids gaat de zon op’. In 2012, 200 schools performed the musical. Since 2011 around 2,200 schools have performed this musical, reaching 600,000 children and 120,000 adults. Fundraising amongst schools and children increased mainly thanks to income from actions by this segment from € 112,000 in 2011 to € 220,000 in 2012.

Lessons learned

  • Despite the escalating trend in organised actions, it is more and more difficult to raise a larger amount of money per action. People organising actions and those who support them tend to give less, which heightens the need to attract more people to organise actions. Also, organisers ask for more personal attention such as personal meetings at the office, visits at schools/companies and inspiration sessions, which requires more time to support these actions. In 2013 we will evaluate the activities of our action department in relation to the amount raised.
  • We see potential to raise more funds with youth and schools and have therefore decided to provide more support from management and marketing communication to activities in this area.

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