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Fundraising policy

100% sponsoredBy ensuring diversification of funding sources, War Child guarantees financial independence. This leads to independence in our programming, which is crucial to be able to continue programmes in the longer term.

Financial independence is strengthened by fundraising from a healthy balance of different categories. Within the first two categories (individual donors and companies), income is diversified over different segments. Targeting different segments increases fundraising and ensures more stability. The Global Fundraising Policy, approved in 2011, provides a framework for earmarked and grant fundraising.

Low-cost policy

War Child has a strict low-cost policy that promotes gaining sponsorship for the production of all materials and activities for communication and fundraising. The policy includes close monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment of activities to ensure that the results justify the effort invested.

The hallmark of the Central Bureau for Fundraising stipulates that a recognised non-profit organisation may devote a maximum of 25% of its own fundraising income to fundraising activities. In 2012, War Child’s devoted 14.8% of its income to fundraising activities, well below the maximum.

Fundraising expenditures

The main expenses War Child incurs for fundraising are the salary costs of head office staff, and the costs for direct marketing through telephone, door-to-door and street fundraising. War Child has not been able to find sponsors for these activities; however; sharp tariffs and fundraising guarantees have been agreed upon. These investments will be recovered in time and show profit in subsequent years. War Child’s communications and fundraising code of conduct.

Creative and appealing approach

Fundraising event 538 for War childNext to the more standard ways of raising funds such as through structural donors, legacies, business partners and institutional funding, War Child aims at a creative approach to fundraising where people are urged to join War Child’s cause. Since 2011 the main pillar of this approach is ‘538 for War Child’, a full week of actions by the Dutch Radio station 538.

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