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Implementing partners

Collaboration with national and international organisations is a key element of War Child’s Strategy 2015. As an international organisation that aims for a lasting impact based on the real needs of children and young people in conflict affected areas, War Child interacts with a wide range of partner organisations in the countries where we work. Within this network knowledge, funds, ideas, contacts and human resources are brought together to achieve common objectives. War Child collaborates with partners in joint projects and supports organisations to improve their work and strengthen staff capacity in order to positively influence the lives of children affected by armed conflict.

These partnerships are usually with local organisations that implement or co-implement War Child-funded projects such as local and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBO’s), youth groups and school committees, government institutions, networks, platforms and universities.

In 2012, partner organisations spent € 4,142,813 on projects that were implemented by their own staff and for which they signed a (long-term) funding contract with War Child. This amount includes activities by MFS II partners. War Child has been awarded a substantial long-term grant from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a coalition with the following partners:

PartnerConnection/GoalAdded value Financial transactions
Child Helpline InternationalConsortium member and co-applicant of Conn@ct.Now programmeKnowledge and experience exchange and joint development of the Conn@ct.Now programme.€ 459.27
Free Press Unlimited (for media, education and development)Coalition partner in Conn@ct.Now cooperationKnowledge sharing en experience exchange and joint development in programmes related to child protection and education.€ 790.07
TNOCoalition partner in Conn@ct.Now cooperationKnowledge sharing and technical expertise support on the use of ICT and Media, including development of Knowledge and Innovation Systems and joint development of the Conn@ct.Now programme.€ 294.00
Defence for Children InternationalImplementing partner project ‘child rights help desk’A first-line telephonic helpdesk to give legal advice to children from conflict areas in asylum centres and professionals.€ 20.00


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